Fascinating Body language Facts

Humans began to speak approximately 90000 years ago. For tens of thousands of years we were nonverbal. As a consequence we have very specific regions of our brains dedicated to reading and sending nonverbal cues.

We are all born with nonverbal abilities. Science has shown that a two day old baby can read and mimic their parents' facial evolutionary necessity for bonding. We are hard wired this way.

So why is this important for us in the 21st century?

These days we place so much importance on the content of WHAT we are saying - we are often out of touch with what our body language is conveying. HOW we say something is 12.5% more powerful than the content. Using great body language can enhance communication in every aspect of your life. 

Honing your nonverbal skills is like training a muscle - just as a muscle grows and strengthens week after week at the gym - so can these dedicated body language regions of our brain. These power-tools reside in each of us - let's exercise them and get our body language toned !!!

Isn't it time to.....

  • Increase your presence, charisma and influence.
  • Improve communication - in all areas of your life.
  • Make a great first impression.
  • Increase your influence and leadership.
  • Read others nonverbal cues more accurately.
  • Detect deceptive behaviour.
  • Boost your confidence when speaking in front of others.
  • Overcome any public speaking fear.

Why Body Language Training?

Did you know at a minimum, 60% of our communication is non verbal.... our posture, gesture, facial expressions and vocal tone all give important information to others, in the moment, about who we are! 

I would love to help you tune up your body language and vocal abilities to increase your confidence, presence and charisma. I can't wait to share the 'nonverbal advantage' with you - teaching you to send the messages you want to send aligned with your authentic self, values and personal brand. Your communication, confidence and influence will go through the roof!

Great body language is a 'personal power tool' which will enhance every aspect of your life.

About Annabel....

I have always been fascinated with the mind-body connection.
As an actor for many years, the techniques I used to fully inhabit a character taught me so much about this inextricable link - where body use effects the mind, and state of mind reflects physically in the body. I learnt first-hand the benefit of refining this connection to get true intention across and realised how applicable it could be to everyday life.
Later, studying hypnosis taught me the importance of observation and how much the body 'gives away' about what is really going on in the unconscious mind.
This set me on the path to study body language! Working as a body language trainer is my true calling and draws together my unique blend of skills: stage presence, vocal skills, counselling and non verbal training.


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