Annabel has always been fascinated with the mind body connection. As a trained actor the techniques she used to inhabit a character taught her much about this inextricable link - where body use effects the mind, and state of mind reflects physically in the body. She learnt first-hand the benefit of refining this connection and how applicable it could be to everyday life. Annabel went on to gain her qualification in Counselling and Hypnosis with Dr Rob Mc Neilly, Director of the Milton Erickson Institute. Here she learnt to closely observe the body and it's 'language' and what it could reveal about the unconscious mind. This led to further study to become a Certified Trainer with the Science of People, where she has found her true passion. Annabel offers a unique fusion of skills to her clients. She helps tune up the mind body connection teaching clients how to control the hundreds of non-verbal messages they send each day whilst optimising their vocal abilities and presence. Annabel also has a special interest in assisting her clients to overcome performance anxiety and stage fright and can certainly speak to this from personal experience. Located in Melbourne Australia, Annabel offers bespoke training based on a client's or group's specific needs and goals. Annabel believes communicating in your own voice whilst being able to draw others to you is the key to authentic communication. For Annabel, body language is a 'personal power tool' that enhances every aspect of a person's life.


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