" Annabel the day was brilliant. Comments made by all that attended was that the seed has now been planted and it has given them some techniques they can: remember easily enough and they now feel confident initiating in the workplace. Thanks so much and we look forward to some more training with you. I think the word around town is that it was great!"

Tracy Smith, Gladstone High School

"I am now aware of signals I give off which I don't really want to! For example crossed legs or arms when I need to be more approachable."

Janice Combe SSO Front Office, Gladstone High School

"loved the eye gazing 'triangle' for social and power gazing in particular"

Michelle Beyer, Administration Officer, Port Pirie Education Office

"Loved the presentation, can't wait for the next! And most entertaining. To visualise a concept enables better understanding. Making myself more aware of my own signals is beneficial!"

Sue Foulis Finanace officer, Gladstone high School

"Thank you Annabel for your fantastic service. You were easy to contact very helpful and prompt in delivering the training. We were so impressed we have recommended your services to other companies we deal with."

Hayden Stafford Dip SRM - Director SASAA Security

"Annabel! Thank you for your efforts it has been a breeze to deal with you. I will spread the word."     

Darren from Harvey Wreckers 

"Annabel was really focused on creating the best possible product she could for us. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail resulted in an amazing outcome for our school."

Kathleen Hoare - Principal Gladstone High School

"We found Annabel's service and delivery was great and exactly what we wanted. I would not hesitate to use Annabel for any future needs."

John McVicker - Founder and General Manager Best I.T. Engineering.

"Hi Annabel, Thank you so much for all your services. We are very happy with your service and have advised our Melbourne and Brisbane offices to use your service in the future. Good luck!"

Andy from Secusafe

"First impressions are everything in business... We could not be happier with all of the fantastic work Annabel has done with us."

Robert Douglas Chief Executive Officer - Aston Milan Homes


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