Body Language Training Goals

  • Inspire participants to leverage the power of body language
  • Use the science of leadership to give actionable and effective leadership strategies
  • Show how nonverbal communication can increase sales success
  • Improve professional communication between colleagues, clients and employees

Take Home Skills:

  • launch stance
  • trusting hands
  • seven universal facial expressions
  • explanatory/expressive hand gestures
  • handshake
  • purposeful gazing
  • reading microexpressions
  • vocal power and variability
  • fronting
  • avoiding negative nonverbal
  • mirroring
  • power posing
  • triple nod and head tilt
  • leaning
  • the power of touch (haptics)
  • effective use of space (proxemics)

Unique Body Language Training that is....

    • Based in solid science
    • Immediately actionable
    • Fascinating and fun
    • Team building

Group and Workplace Training Power Skills:

Awaken your body language awareness and power up your skills.

Communicate more powerfully and confidently in the workplace.

Maximise your presence, charisma and influence.

Increase your communication in all areas of your life.

Boost your first impression

Decode colleagues and clients nonverbal cues

Power up negotiations and sales

Detect deceptive behaviour

Increase confidence when speaking in front of others.

Overcome any public speaking fear.

Increase your phone power.

Power up your pitching. 

Training Options

1 hour
3 hour
One day

Please feel free to discuss any other needs you may have.

  • Decoding Nonverbal Cues
  • Power Body Language
  • Building Trust
  • Nonverbal Engagement
  • Sales Nonverbal Science
  • Making a Great First Impressions
  • Increasing Your Phone Power


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